December 19, 2013


Screaming Ziplines is committed to your safety. Through rigorous design and numerous successful zip line experiences, you can be assured you are on the areas safest zip line tour. Our tour is regularly inspected and our staff is trained with your safety as our top priority.


Hand braking courses have numerous inherent risks the Screaming Zipline course avoids; smashed fingers, failure to brake, entanglement issues with hair or clothing, etc.

Our course was professionally designed and engineered for strength, integrity, and uses a passive gravity brake with our guides  standing ready with a secondary braking system, just in case a patron is traveling a little faster than desired.

One Cable or Two?

As a professionally engineered and maintained course, our single cable zip lines are perfect, yet simple and safer. Our zip lines are made from half inch cable (26,600 pound test), not the thinner cable on other area tours.


Screaming Zipline pulleys are engineered and rated to over 19,000 pounds test, meeting the stricter NFPA standards for commercial zipline pulleys.  Made from aircraft quality stainless steel and steel sheave, our pulleys are stronger and more reliable than the more common aluminum sided pulleys of other ziplines rated to only a mere 5,000 pounds.

Safety Record and Experience

You may find it interesting to know that our parent company, EBL, has installed some 35 zipline projects (and counting), all single cables, up to a half mile long, with over some 4 million successful zip line experiences.

Screaming Ziplines voluntarily participates in a rigorous certification program offered by EBL. We receive refresher trainings prior to reopening each year.  EBL brings years of research and expertise to each project and was the first company to install commercial  tours in the United States. Screaming Ziplines operates to the ANSI Accredited Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA) standards.

Zip Line Standards



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Screaming Ziplines adheres to the ANSI/PRCA American National Standards for Ziplines, Ropes Courses, and Aerial Adventure Courses; ANSI Accredited Professional Ropes Course Association.